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Thermal Test Chip Instruments

The temperature sensing diodes built into TEA’s Thermal Test Chips(TTC) are designed for operation at a 1mA Measurement Current (IM). The current must be very stable and have low electrical noise. The current source voltage compliance has to be less than 2V to minimize potential damage to the diodes if the current polarity is mistakenly reversed.

The TMM-100 Temperature Measurement Module is a USB unit that has:

  • eight combination 1mA current source/voltage measurement channels
  • two 10KOhm Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor channels
  • two Type-T thermocouple channels

The supplied software allows the user to select which channels are read, set a 0.01s, 0.1s, 1s, or 10s time base, and data log to a file for up to 10,000 seconds. The software runs in WindowsTM 10.

LabViewTM Virtual Instrument (VI) drivers are optionally available for integration of the TMM-100 into more extensive test and measurement systems.

Further details can be found in the TMM-100 datasheet or the TMM-100 User Manual (available by e-mail, please contact us).

The 1mA Current Source Reference Design described in Tech Brief TB-18 is also available as an assembled version in the CS-100 hand-held unit shown on the right. This unit has a digital voltmeter display with 1mV resolution, a built-in 9V battery for completely isolated and portable operation, and is optionally supplied with an external power supply for extended operation off the wall AC mains. Further details can be found in the CS-100 datasheet.

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CS-100 1mA Current Source

TEA 1mA Current Source