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Thermal Test Vehicles

Using the TTC-1002 Thermal Test Chip as a basis, TEA offers TTVs in flip-chip, bare die, BGA packages for a variety of thermal simulation, reliability, qualification, heat sink characterization,  and TIM characterization activities. Selective unused balls are sequentially connected together for daisy-chain applications.

The TTVs are 27mm X 27mm BGA packages with 1mm pitch, 0.6mm diameter balls in a partially populated 26X26 array (480 balls). Twelve strategically placed ball sets are available for daisy-chain applications.

TTV-1100 series (for odd arrays)

    Available in versions with three different TTC array sizes –

      TTV-1101 1X1 (2.5X2.5mm)

      TTV-1102 3X3 (7.65X7.65mm)

      TTV-1103 5X5 (12.8X12.8mm)

  TTV-1200 series (for even arrays)

    Available in versions with two different TTC array sizes –

      TTV-1201 2X2 (5.08X5.08mm)

      TTV-1202 4X4 (10.23X10.23mm)


A brochure of TEA product family of Thermal Test Vehicles can be found here.

The chips on these TTVs are from available inventory of different thickness and backside metallization. Other array sizes and configurations, thickness and back-side treatment are optionally available on a custom basis.

Larger array (chip) sizes (up to 50mm x 50mm), package types and multi-chip configurations are also available on a custom basis. Please contact us to discuss specific environments.

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