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Thermal Load Boards

A Thermal Load Board (TLB) is used to simulate an application printed circuit assembly (PCA) either before all the heat-producing components are available for mounting on the application PCA or if the heat-producing components require complex electronic circuitry to create heat within the components. The TLB is typically designed to be as mechanically and thermally equivalent to the application PCA and usually offers a way to vary the power dissipation of the elements that simulate the heat-producing components.

The photos below show a typical TLB. The image on the right shows the basic board with all the heat-producing components simulated with groups of resistors. The image on the left is the same board with metal plates over the resistor groups to simulate uniform heating over each group. The plates are machined to a precise thickness so that the completed TLB can be used with the already-designed thermal management solution. The plates can be stepped to simulate a bare die heat sink interface. Jumper eyelets on the TLB allow for various powering options “ either a single power supply for all the resistor groups connected in parallel or various combinations for multiple power supplies so that the dynamic range of the thermal management solution can be verified.


TLB with heat spreader plates


Basic TLB showing resistor groups

For a complete TLB flyer in ".pdf" format, please click here

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TLBs are custom designed to match specific application PCAs. Please contact TEA to discuss specific requirements

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