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United States Military Standards (Dept. of Defense)

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Mil Std 750
Method 3101

Thermal Impedance (Response) Testing of Diodes

Mil Std 750
Method 3103

Thermal impedance measurements of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors

Mil Std 750
Method 3104

Thermal impedance measurements of GaAs MESFETs

Mil Std 750
Method 3131

Thermal resistance measurements of Bipolar Junction Transistors
(emitter to base forward voltage, emitter-only switching method)

Mil Std 750
Method 3161

Thermal impedance measurements for vertical power MOSFETs
(delta source-drain voltage method)

Mil Std 883
Method 1012

Thermal characteristics of Integrated Circuits
(See JEDEC JESD51 for more up to date standard)

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